[Libreoffice] Minor Design fixes - Little hacks to improve the User Interface

Crazy H Studio - Mike Houben mail at crazyhstudio.net
Wed Jan 26 00:01:31 PST 2011

Hi @all, 

the User Interface hase a lot of little problems, where some things are not
in place. This could be an button not aligned, 2px to far on the right.
Find things where the developer didn't do the programming right. Little
things that even a Beginner in Programming could correct. 

So I'm asking you all to send as reply the things you want to be fixed. And
I will talk with a developer to sort it out for the Developers to fixe it. 

Like this we can improve the User Interface without making something new,
but improving that what we have already :) 

I also forwarded this mail to the developers to "warn" them. :) 

In hope of many answers *lol* 

Mike Houben
UI - Coding - Animation 

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