[Libreoffice] [PATCH] Rename "Default Formatting" --> "Clear Direct Formatting"

Cedric Bosdonnat cedric.bosdonnat.ooo at free.fr
Thu Jan 27 00:29:35 PST 2011

Hello Octavio,

Many thanks for those changes. I've pushed them in the master branch.
Feel free to continue improving Writer like that :)

On Fri, 2011-01-21 at 15:09 -0800, Octavio Alvarez wrote:
> Hi.
> The purpose of the following set of patches is to rename "Default
> Formatting" to "Clear Default Formatting" across all the suite. The goal
> is to clarify what this function currently does and should do. The current
> situation is that everybody has its own interpretation of this, mainly
> because "Default Style" and "Default Format" are different things and
> neither of them mean "clear direct formatting". This mess doesn't help us
> have a common ground for decision taking. Even the specification[1] behind
> it is ambiguous.
> After a bit of analysis, I found that formatting applied over styles is
> uniformly called "direct" throughout the help but some code still talk
> about "hard" format.
> This should allow us to have a common ground for this. Should another
> resetting-specific need arise, then it will clearly be an enhancement
> request. Should a function do anything different than just "clear direct
> formatting" it will clearly be bug.
> I hope the user to benefit too, as the new name better answers the
> question "what does this do": it clears direct formatting.
> The patches rename all existing instances of "Default Formatting" to
> "Clear Direct Formatting", including menus and help texts. Search was done
> using ./g grep and replacement was made by hand. Some instances were not
> changed. For example, there was uno:ResetAttrs and uno:SetDefault, which
> obviously refer to different things. uno:SetDefault was left alone.
> The set of patches apply to different repositories.
> In the upcoming days I will include another set of patches to rename
> "Clear formatting", which removes direct and sets default style, to "Clear
> all formatting" (I'm not so convinced about the phrasing, but that was the
> best+shortest text I could come up with). This should clarify it even
> more. I request for comments.
> There are still other instances of "Default Formatting" that should be
> renamed to "Apply Default Style", but I can't find it as a user, so I'll
> wait for this.
> [1]
> http://specs.openoffice.org/writer/formatting/Assigning_Styles_in_Writer.sxw
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