[Libreoffice] UNO api spelling fix ...

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Thu Jan 27 02:40:39 PST 2011

Hi Aurimas,

	I was chasing down a compilation problem in extensions, and I noticed
that somehow we changed the (incorrectly spelled) UNO enumeration value
'Cancelled' to 'Canceled' (which is correct) as part of your huge, and
much appreciated cleanup of the API documentation there.

	I reviewed the whole patch again and didn't see the mistake (which is
worrying) ;-) and I'm sure you didn't mean to do it:

diff --git a/offapi/com/sun/star/inspection/InteractiveSelectionResult.idl b/offapi/com/sun/star/inspection/InteractiveSelectionResult.idl
index 4624091..0063c7a 100644
--- a/offapi/com/sun/star/inspection/InteractiveSelectionResult.idl
+++ b/offapi/com/sun/star/inspection/InteractiveSelectionResult.idl
@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ enum InteractiveSelectionResult
     /** The interactive selection of a property value was canceled.
-    Canceled,
+    Cancelled,
     /** The interactive selection of a property value succeeded, and the
         new property value chosen by the user has already been set at the

	Clearly, changing the actual names of the methods causes compile and
ABI problems.

	Anyhow, thanks so much for cleanup ! I reverted this for now.

	It caused this issue:

bootstrap/clone/components/extensions/source/propctrlr/propcontroller.cxx:1357:18: error: 'InteractiveSelectionResult_Cancelled' was not declared in this scope



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