[Libreoffice] UNO api spelling fix ...

Aurimas Fišeras aurimas at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 03:08:05 PST 2011

2011.01.27 12:40, Michael Meeks rašė:
> Hi Aurimas,
> 	I was chasing down a compilation problem in extensions, and I noticed
> that somehow we changed the (incorrectly spelled) UNO enumeration value
> 'Cancelled' to 'Canceled' (which is correct) as part of your huge, and
> much appreciated cleanup of the API documentation there.
> 	I reviewed the whole patch again and didn't see the mistake (which is
> worrying) ;-) and I'm sure you didn't mean to do it:

I didn't see the mistake either. And of course I didn't mean to do it. I
didn't compile-test my changes because I didn't manage to set up
compilation when I tried several weeks ago.

Is it possible at all to compile API documentation only using ure git tree?


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