[Libreoffice] Rationale for replacing Java with anything but c++ (was Re: web based libre office)

Thorsten Guenther thorsten.guenther at aposso.de
Fri Jan 28 01:48:26 PST 2011

Am 27.01.2011 11:48, schrieb Michael Meeks:
>> I wouldn't mind spear heading an effort to do a python port
>> of LO in regards to going web based. Cant you integrate the
>> C++ code we have with python?
> 	If you want to do a python port of some things; I guess working on some
> Java -> Python conversion would be great for some of the built-in
> extensions etc.

could you please give me an idea why it would be useful to replace a
language alien to the core with another alien? I guessed the replacement
of Java is to eliminate integration issues. If that's not the case...
whats the problem with Java? Just the "is a appropriate JRE / JDK
installed" issue?. Sorry, perhaps a noob question.

Thanks, regards
Thorsten Guenther

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