[Libreoffice] [PATCH] Commented out some unused functions in calc

Alfonso Eusebio alfonso_eusebio at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jan 29 07:10:36 PST 2011


I've been going through the list of identified unused functions in calc and 
commenting out those that don't seem to be used anywhere.
Attached is the patch (LGPLv3+/MPL) that comments out some 10 functions and a 
text file with those investigated so far, and the results.

I chose to comment out, rather than delete, to allow for some extra testing once 
it's committed. Commented functions can be easily identified later on and 
Please let me know if direct removal would be preferred.

After committing my changes locally I've built module "sc" and done a "make 
dev-install". Everything seems to be working fine, but the test wasn't 
The changes have been rebased with current master.

There are a few functions that belong to some "addin" mechanism now obsolete. 
I'm not sure if it can be removed completely, but it looks like a good candidate 
(details in attached text file).

Thanks & regards,

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