[Libreoffice] Kicking off 3rdparty packages

Tor Lillqvist tlillqvist at novell.com
Sat Jan 29 10:01:13 PST 2011

>> IMHO, there's no reason to include old versions of third-party packages in
>> LibreOffice proper.

Please, are you talking about third-party source code included in the LibreOffice source code (git repositories), source code downloaded as part of the build process (unless one tells it to use a "system" library), or binaries from either of those included in a binary package? Or all of these?

> Up-to-date software can also be used on old Unixes / Linux systems without too
> much pain.

Sure, as long as you know what you are doing and packages from various 3rd-party repositories (or self-built) are in sync with what LibreOffice expects. But I do think that somebody running some random old Unix box would prefer to get an all-inclusing LibreOffice package. Instead of complex advice like "additionally you should install foolib from this site, but be careful not to let it overwrite the binary incompatible build of foolib from this other site that you might have already"


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