[Libreoffice] MS-Windows : about dictionaries installation

Tor Lillqvist tlillqvist at novell.com
Sun Jan 30 03:29:18 PST 2011

> Yes, but why ~20 dictionaries ? Do you know peoples who need and are
> able to write twenty different languages ?

Why not? What does it hurt? (It is always possible to do a custom installation and deselect those dictionaries one doesn't want.)

Can you come up with an algorithm for de-selecting some dictionaries that would work well enough to be useful? De-selecting every dictionary except those for the UI languages being installed is not good, as I tried to show in my two scenarios.

So, maybe something like "OK, so everybody needs English, right. And French, the language of Diplomacy, surely. And all the languages spoken in their country. And languages typically taught in school there. And the languages of their neighbouring countries, except of course for politically sensitive cases, I probably don't need to bring up concrete examples." ?

You honestly think such a heuristic would be possible to implement reliably without causing a lot of hurt national pride, claims of cultural imperialism, etc?

It is better to in a "typical" installation just install all the included dictionaries included without any guesswork. Otherwise some users would no doubt get offended by us hinting that they need a dictionary for a language they don't want, but don't need one they do want... Sounds like a sure way to get flamed and perhaps even banned in some countries...


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