[Libreoffice] "Upgrade" packages for windows

Enrico Weigelt weigelt at metux.de
Sun Jan 30 13:36:01 PST 2011

* Arno Teigseth <arnotixe at gmail.com> schrieb:

> Someone pointed out that on linux, the distribution is (can be)
> package-based, so that he would avoid that.

ACK. But that still requires some refactoring of the whole build
process. See the thread on removing 3rdparty packages as a first start.

For old legacy platforms like Windows, prefix distros frameworks
like cygwin could be used.

> Now, is it possible/interesting to have such a feature, that people can
> download "fixes" (Microsoft would call them hotfixes) to Libreoffice?
> To me it looks a bit ugly, but it could be just a question of replacing
> the binaries/files that differ from last version. I don't know enough
> about this to say if it's a Good Idea or a Bad Idea (tm)

Inherently unreliable. The only thing you *could* do is to compare the
generated files and only ship those which did. But I really doubt that
even the exact source code will produce bit-equal binaries. So you'd
need some check whether certain files/modules are functionally equavent
(sorting out which changed in in interface or semantics).
Ends up in turing-weight complexity ... ;-o

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