[Libreoffice] Missing vcl resource. This indicates that files vital to localization are missing. You might have a corrupt installation.

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Mon Jan 31 09:55:57 PST 2011

Hi Dave,

On Mon, 2011-01-31 at 09:05 -0800, Dave Dumaresq wrote:
> Has there been any resolution to this?

	Yes ! Norbert just finished an amazing binary chop that brought it back
to commit:

libs-gui:ef70418ebf8b32f2d10abce61c0aa2c1011ced14 (a remove DECLARE_LIST
in rsc)

	Which seems to break the code flow there :-) - leaving pSysEntry in an
odd state ;-) I imagine it will be fixed soon ...



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