[Libreoffice] USE_GMAKE=1 make -> chmod errors

Kevin Hunter hunteke at earlham.edu
Mon Jan 31 20:46:19 PST 2011

Hullo List (Norbert),

I've finally found some time to get back to LO dev (yay!).  But only for 
about 10 minutes (boo!).  I've checked out the gnumake2.1 branch and 
made things the usual way: a successful build.

When I execute make with USE_GMAKE=1, however, I'm getting lots of 
'chmod: cannot access' errors.  Is that currently expected?

$ make clean
  [ ... ]
$ make
  [... Successful build ...]
$ USE_GMAKE=1 make clean
  [... clean ALL ...]
$ USE_GMAKE=1 make
chmod: cannot access `;': No such file or directory

So far, it seems to be building fine, but the output is rather large. 
I've attached a small snippet of my build log, which includes over 2,300 
chmod ';' errors against a single module -- boost, I think.

Advice?  Transient, currently not-a-big-fish error?

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