[Libreoffice] [ANN] List for collaboration around user experience topics created

Friedrich Strohmaier damokles4-listen at bits-fritz.de
Wed Jun 1 17:40:53 PDT 2011

Hi Thorsten, *,

Thorsten Behrens schrieb:

> with the design team (and the UX people, as part of that), and the
> hackers mostly working on separate lists, we thought it would be
> helpful to provide a low-traffic, easy-to-post-to third list, where
> interested parties of either side can meet - the list

That's a great idea. I wondered how the collaboration between hackers
and designers work up to now (I'm neither of both, but I'm convinced
this beeing a key for the success of LibreOffice as an end user product)

> * is unmoderated, i.e. you can post without subscribing

hmm on the tdf-based lists moderation means: mails of unsubscribed users
go through, but spam doesn't..

> * does not change Reply-To, so you're free to use that according to
>   your needs
> * draft list topic: "Meeting ground for hackers and UX experts -
>   get advise here for user experience questions"

cool! ;o))

> It would be great if people working on UI-relevant hacks could give
> a quick shout there - and conversely, it would be cool if a few UX
> experts could monitor that list, funnel the question to the design
> list & get back with some actionable results.

> The list address is: libreoffice-ux-advise at lists.freedesktop.org

Hmm I'd like to see that list's home among the libreoffice.org family
for one main advantage those have: Each mail has in it's header an
Archived-At: tag.

The last, I posted on projects list has:
Archived-At: <http://go.mail-archive.com/s5lAIIvEapds74WcmeN5ORhy5Zo=>

You might examine any (fairly recent) tdf list's headers to find it.

This is a great feature particularly for this hybrid list regarding it's
role beeing glue between the two worlds and fuel for discussions in
each, throught very easy pointing at a contribution.

Additionally there is a very effective moderation mechanism by just
answering a mail for passing a posting to the list, which reduces pain
to do so. (I would volunteer in this case :o)) )

> (see also
> http://lists.freedesktop.org/mailman/listinfo/libreoffice-ux-advise)

Think about it - less work for You in total ;o))

Please keep me in CC to avoid delay - as I don't scan the dev list

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