[Libreoffice] Minutes of the tech. steering call

Jan Holesovsky kendy at suse.cz
Thu Jun 2 10:21:28 PDT 2011

Preset: Norbert, Rainer, Kendy, Andras, David, Petr, Michael

* AA done:

        + post small, fast tab-cleanup C program for review ... (Norbert)

* AA still pending:

        + provide current linux environment gio / glib / gtk+ etc.
          versions to Caolan (Fridrch)
        + looking into lighting up the update reminder service (Kendy)
        + chase licensing for misc. commits (Rene)
        + 3.5 schedule sanity check (Caolan)
        + post small, fast tab-cleanup C program for review ... (Norbert)
        + the rdb setup stuff is still too cumbersome (Bjoern)
        + get SmartArt into master as an experimental feature (Thorsten)

* Releng bits

        + 3.4.0 post-release status

                + biggest problem were larger changes before the freeze and
                  the merge, but next should be better (no merge, etc.)
		+ also not enough tinderboxes / daily builds was problematic
		+ Most Annoying Bugs - went well, helped to focus a lot
		+ on the bright side - daily builds working now

		+ Rainer: there were some crasher bugs, how to get more
		+ Kendy: Petr is monitoring the Most Annoying Bugs.
                  Please feel encouraged to appear on the #libreoffice-dev
                  channel, and talk to the developers directly - we can surely
                  on things :-)

        + 3.3.3 release RC1 / status

                + RC1 tagged this Tue, builds in progress
                + hopefully available tomorrow - the usual builders have
                  public holidays

                + RC2 the next Tue; just small amount fixes expected

* news / reactions ...

        + OOo donated to Apache
        + the non-copyleftness is a problem
        + Apache license allows us to relicense
        + TDF continues to do what it has committed to
        + be careful about cherry-picking from OOo
                + do not cherry-pick from CWSes

* QA update / most annoying bug skim (Rainer)

        + [see above - Rainer's question]
        + no accepted blockers at the moment; some bugs that happen
          at some circumstances / corner cases

* Longer term agenda:
        + continue Mitch / Christian's list of things that suck (Mitch / Christian)
        + own extensions repository (Rainer)

                + some extensions that do not work at all, some of them do
                  not work with LO, some of them a broken link only
                + we should collect working extensions (on sourceforge?)
AA:             + Rainer to investigate more if there is something in
                  progress; if not, he'll collect the functioning extensions
                + Andras: sourceforge might be problematic, what about
                  the LibreOffice silverstripe?

        + discussion concerning
          future of our bug tracking System (Rainer) 

                + written down some things that work, and some that do not
                + Rainer will post it to the wiki

* 3.4.0

        + Petr to add the Most Annoying Bugs to the release notes
        + when it is done, we can poke the website people to make 3.4.0 live

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