[Libreoffice] [tdf-discuss] Proposal to join Apache OpenOffice

Thorsten Behrens thb at documentfoundation.org
Sat Jun 4 05:49:05 PDT 2011

Allen Pulsifer wrote:
> Critically, at this stage in the process, everyone has a "free pass" to get
> involved.
Hi Allen, I don't like free passes so much ...

> Normally, once the project is up and running, you would have to
> demonstrate your merit before you can join the project.  But for
> the next few days, while the project is in the proposal stage, the
> gates are wide open--anyone can join as an initial member.
Does that kinda imply the people who've already signed up may not
have accumulated enough merit otherwise? ;)
> So here is my suggestion: I propose the everyone here head over to the
> Apache Incubator and join the proposal as an initial member.
Since it's not even clear what code exactly is donated, and in what
form, and whether at all the ASF would be able to release official
binaries anytime soon - I'd personally rather be a bit more
reluctant to sign my name under a proposal - that is in fact a
blanket statement currently.

Meanwhile, there's a lot of work to do over here - we've just
released 3.4.0 (http://libreoffice.org/download), and 3.3.3 RC1 is
uploading to the mirrors (look here for a non-mirrored preview:
http://dev-builds.libreoffice.org/pre-releases/). :)

> That's it.  It does not obligate you to make any code contributions, but it
> will get you in on the ground floor and allow you to participate in the
> direction of the project.
Ehh - Allen, that ground floor metaphor is an almost verbatim copy
from IBM - you're not astroturfing here, are you?


-- Thorsten
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