[Libreoffice] Proposal to join Apache OpenOffice

Allen Pulsifer pulsifer at openoffice.org
Sat Jun 4 06:08:36 PDT 2011

Hello All,

I'm going to try to address as many of the concerns raised as I can in one

I'm not suggesting that anyone go work for IBM.  In fact, I'm suggesting
just the opposite; I'm suggesting that we all work together to get IBM
working for us.

Here's the deal.  IBM is the main proponent of the proposed Apache
OpenOffice project.  They are doing this in their own self-interest.  They
want to get Apache Licensed contributions that they can use in their
proprietary products.

However, the OpenOffice code has been donated to the Apache Software
Foundation, not to IBM.  While IBM may want to exclusively run the project
over at the ASF, if we want to get involved, the ASF is not going to allow
IBM to dominate.  We will have a say in how the Apache OpenOffice project

I don't know what vision IBM has for the project.  I don't know what code
contribution they are going to make--I'm certain they will make some, but I
don't know what they will be.  I don't know what contributions members of
the LibreOffice community will or will not want to make.

I do know this however.  There is currently an open invitation for us to get
involved.  If we get involved, we can have a say in with direction of the
project.  We can ensure that direction of the project provides the maximum
benefit for LibreOffice, which includes any contributions from IBM.
Basically, we can get IBM working for us.

If we wait however, we risk being locked out.  The open invitation is get
involved is only valid for during the incubation proposal stage.  After
that, we will need "prove our merit" and approval to become a member.  So if
you sign up now, it is no risk and no obligation.  IBM will be contributing
as little or as much to the project as they want.  They will be contributing
some, and holding back some to use only in their proprietary products.  The
TDF community can do exactly the same thing--it can contribute some, while
holding back some for LibreOffice only.  This again can and will be worked
out as the project evolves.

So what I would like to see is an many LibreOffice people at the table as
possible.  If possible, I would like to see LibreOffice people dominating
the Apache OpenOffice community to get as much out of the project as we can.

But the time to jump in is now.  We can't wait.


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