[Libreoffice] MacOS path in python wrapper on Linux i586

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Tue Jun 7 08:20:27 PDT 2011

Hi Christian,

I see the following path in "solver/350/unxlngi6.pro/bin/pyuno/python"

--- cut ---
# execute binary
"$PYTHONHOME/Versions/2.6.1/Resources/Python.app/Contents/MacOS/OOoPython" "$@"
--- cut ---

The path mentions "MacOS" but I build on Linux i586. Also I do not see
$PYTHONHOME/Versions/2.6.1/Resources/Python.app/Contents here at all.
I only see the directory
but it is empty.

I guess that it is related to the commit

Please, how is it supposed to work?  ;-)

I attach the current and an older python wrapper for reference.

Best Regards,

PS: Your change removed the hardcoded paths to
clone/libs-extern-sys/python/unxlngi6.pro/misc/build/python-inst. I
think that it was the right change. Though, it broke the build of the
translations module. I have fixed it by

Anyway, it was great work!
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