[Libreoffice] [GSOC] Report #2: Java to Wizard

Xisco Faulí anistenis at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 08:35:23 PDT 2011

Hello everybody,

I have already something to show you this week. The python version already
loads the document preview and the wizard dialog. The code was pushed by
björn today:

In order to test it, just run these commands in the libreoffice folder:
1. cd install/program/ && ./soffice
2. cd wizards/com/sun/star/wizards/ && ./RemoteFaxWizard

I sent to the bugzilla an account request too:
It'd be nice to have the right to commit (at least in the branch
feature/gsoc2011_wizards) so I can commit more often and I don't have to
bother each time björn or someone else.

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