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Roderick Edwards IMP-IND REdwards at us.hellmann.net
Wed Jun 8 12:53:17 PDT 2011

Hi dev team!!!  I love LibreOffice.  Much better than reg OpenOffice.  The 
macro interoperability and the excel like autofiltering made me consider 
using it as a replacement for Excel.  Anyhow, at my work, we have some 
people on Excel and some people on OpenOffice (hopefully soon Libre) so I 
am always trying to work with interoperability issues.

A couple of things that would really help improve Libre Calc.

Black and white print.  OO only has grayscale.
Wildcards "*"  need to operate the same as Excel, especially in a formula 
such as =MATCH(text&"*",range,0)

Thanks and great job team!

Best regards,
Roderick Edwards

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