[Libreoffice] [PATCH][PUISHED] List structure cleaning in impress

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Fri Jun 10 08:52:03 PDT 2011

Rafael Dominguez píše v St 08. 06. 2011 v 22:07 -0430:

I have pushed it with the following changes:


1. 0001-Replace-List-for-std-vector-sd-FrameView.patch


+                rViews.push_back( new ::sd::FrameView( mpDoc ) ); 


+                pFrameView = new ::sd::FrameView( mpDoc ); 
+                rViews.push_back( pFrameView );

in sd/source/filter/ppt/pptin.cxx, see 

The pFrameView pointer is later used in the method. It was not set after your change.


2. 0002-Replace-List-for-std-vector-String.impress.patch


String aToken( aString.GetToken( nToken, (sal_Unicode)',' ) );

to the original location in sd/source/filter/ppt/pptin.cxx
in the 3rd hunk.

Your original patch moved it in front of 
for ( nToken = 0; nToken < nTokenCount; nToken++ )

You see that the result depends on nToken, so it must be inside the cycle.


3. 0003-Replace-List-for-std-vector-rtl-OUString.impress.patch


      nStartSlide = pIter - maSlideNameList.begin() + 1;

in sd/source/filter/eppt/eppt.cxx in the 3rd hunk



       sal_uInt32 nPageNumber = pIter - maSlideNameList.begin();

in sd/source/filter/eppt/eppt.cxx in the 4th hunk



       nPageIndex = pIter - maSlideNameList.begin();

in sd/source/filter/eppt/epptso.cxx in the 1st hunk


It was the same mistake in all three locations. The value was
incremented in the original "for" cycle. You replaced the for cycle with 
std::find but forgot to update the counter according to the result.


You do great job. It is normal to do mistakes. Well, I suggest to do
more breaks. It is not easy to keep concentration during this task. I
had to stop checking it yesterday evening because I stopped seeing the
problems ;-)

I am looking forward to see more nice patches from you.

Thanks a lot for contribution.

Best Regards,

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