[Libreoffice] About fd and session ends.

Stef Bon stefbon at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 06:52:52 PDT 2011

>> When totally removing the directory the file is in while editing it in
>> writer, Writer detects this by disabling the "Save" option in the
>> menu. This is the right reaction.
>        And of course, getting some clean notifications of file-system state
> allow us to do that, perhaps we need more.

Please how is this detected. Does writer use a sort of eventloop,
(like with epoll), and listning among others to the fd for the file??
Must be, for writer te react the way it does.

>> b. the gentle way. It should be possible somehow that the system
>> informs the app (here writer) that the underlying filesystem will be
>> unmounted
>        it is somewhat unusual for this to happen; however on Linux at least
> 'lsof' on the device / mount-point can tell you what processes are using
> that file-system, which -should- be convert-able into some pretty user
> display: "please save and close LibreOffice documents open on this
> drive" (or whatever).
>> Does anyone knows a way to inform an app for this purpose, and if so,
>> do you think it's a good idea to add this sort of functionality to
>> LibreOffice:
>        I would suspect it is quicker and easier to add it in a more generic
> way that would identify apps at the OS level; then you get it for ~free
> for everything else too.

Yes that;s also a good sollution. The pid's of the apps are available,
so it's easy to show the list with the apps.

Nay I ask you why the "Uhm" when I mentioned my construction. Is it
too "strange"??


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