[Libreoffice] About fd and session ends.

Stef Bon stefbon at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 13:13:49 PDT 2011

2011/6/13 Michael Meeks <michael.meeks at novell.com>:
> Hi Stef,
> On Mon, 2011-06-13 at 15:52 +0200, Stef Bon wrote:
>> >        And of course, getting some clean notifications of
>> > file-system state allow us to do that, perhaps we need more.
>> Please how is this detected. Does writer use a sort of eventloop,
>        Not sure actually; it doesn't behave as you describe on Linux at least
> - I can change the dir and file permissions, and nothing notices in the
> UI.

Well that's ok right? The fd is created alreay, changing file/dir
persmissions does not change
a thing.

>> >        I would suspect it is quicker and easier to add it in a more generic
>> > way that would identify apps at the OS level; then you get it for ~free
>> > for everything else too.
>> Yes that;s also a good sollution. The pid's of the apps are available,
>> so it's easy to show the list with the apps.
>        Sure - there is some working out that the 'soffice' you exec'd and is
> in a .desktop file is really now 'soffice.bin' or 'oosplash.bin' and
> showing the right icons and so on - but - it is not hard.

You mean the translation from exec to app id, like here:


You get the pid, and thus the execname, and not the app id like
org.freedesktop.LibreOffice.writer I guess LibreOffice is using.
Knowing the app id maked it easier to get the icon etc.

>> Nay I ask you why the "Uhm" when I mentioned my construction. Is it
>> too "strange"??
>        Umh ? :-) no idea. I would just hate to add tons of the same code to
> all apps on the desktop without sharing that in a library - it is a
> cause for inconsistency; hence - I'd prefer to see this done not
> per-app, but once per desktop.

Yes I agree. Thats now exacly what I've created. The construction is
independend from the desktop,
you can use it also when logging in from the text login, and does
provide the same services to anyone/anything, access to local
hardware, network services like SMB shares and internet services like
Google Docs and Amazon S3.

So the apps/desktop does not have to offer that, the construction
provides that. But then it has to be used by more users than me.

>Finally - IMHO persuading users to
> un-mount devices is (I think) mostly a lost battle. At least on SUSE we
> do very aggressive write-through for USB / other hot-pluggable devices
> to avoid these problems.

I agree totally. But you have to offer a "safe remove" command.
What do you do for SUSE? direct io?


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