[Libreoffice] Revive development of the OOo plugin for Alfresco ECM, for LibreOffice

Cedric Bosdonnat cedric.bosdonnat.ooo at free.fr
Thu Jun 16 05:33:05 PDT 2011

Hi David,

On Thu, 2011-06-16 at 18:35 +0800, David Nelson wrote:
> Many of you guys may not be aware that the LibreOffice project has an
> Alfresco ECM platform at http://alfresco.libreoffice.org (the Alfresco
> Explorer interface) and http://documentation.libreoffice.org (the
> Alfresco Share interface).

I heard about it, but never checked that ;)

> In addition, there is a currently-dormant project on the Alfresco
> Forge [1]: an OOo plugin for Alfresco, to allow one to interact with
> an Alfresco repository from within the office suite (download, upload,
> edit documents; etc.).

I know at least 3 plugins to connect OOo / LO with Alfresco.
  * One was developped by Sun (proprietary)
  * One was developped by StarXpert (initiated by me)
http://www.starxpert.fr/spip/Alfresco-Extensions#opal. I'm not sure how
active that one is... though I'ld bet it's nearly dead.
  * One was mimicking the MSO plugin (the one you pointed to)

> I feel it would be generally extremely useful functionality for
> LibreOffice to get this plugin working properly. We would have a
> perfect test bed and pilot user base: the LibreOffice Afresco
> platform, which is currently being used as a docs repository and
> workflow facility by the LibreOffice English docs team.
> I've been in contact with Jeff Potts (Alfresco's Chief Community
> Officer) and Paul Holmes-Higgin (Alfresco's VP of Engineering), and
> Jeff is setting-up a confcall for the week of June 27 with Roeland
> Hofkens, one of the admins of the said Alfresco Forge project, which
> I'll be attending.
> Are there any devs here who would be willing to get involved as well?

I'ld love to be in that kind of project again :)

> @Michael Meeks, Thorsten Behrens:
> Jeff Potts also wrote me that, "We'd also like to make a strong
> suggestion to make LibreOffice a CMIS consumer so that LibreOffice
> users would be able to easily open and save documents as well as set
> metadata on documents that live in a CMIS-compliant repository like
> Alfresco. More info on CMIS can be found here [2] and here [3]. Maybe
> there's an opportunity for us to help each other out?"
> Could I ask what your thoughts and suggestions would be about this?

I would be in favor of that possibility more than any of the other ones.
Dan Corneanu has been working on a nice extension to implement a CMIS
protocol provider. His work can be found here on gitorious though it
isn't completely finished IIRC.


I'ld go for pushing that extension further to get it integrated in
LibreOffice. That would also ease the switch to any other CMIS-enabled

Cédric Bosdonnat
LibreOffice hacker
OOo Eclipse Integration developer

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