[Libreoffice] Fewer datasources for AddressBook wizard functionality on MacOSX ?

Alexander Thurgood alex.thurgood at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 03:24:29 PDT 2011


Could anyone indicate to me the rationale for not providing as many
datasource choices for the AddressBook wizard on Mac OSX when compared
to the other OSes ?

On Mac :
NeoOffice offers 13 possibilities.
LibreOffice only 10.

The difference : LDAP, Thunderbird address book, Mozilla address book.

Mac OSX server (which I happen to have in my work environment) provides
LDAP as a native service. Thunderbird, love it or hate it, is probably
the most ubiquitous mail client after Mail.app.

So where is the rationale for not providing these ? When it was OOo, a
decision was made to chop them out of Mac OSX. The Linux distros kept
providing them, as indeed does the current Windows build of LibreOffice
I believe. So why is Mac left out in the lurch ? Is there some kind of
build problem associated with providing access to them ? I'm just
curious as to why, when we endeavour to provide as broad a support as
possible on the other platforms for this address book feature, we still
have it crippled on Mac OSX ?


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