[Libreoffice] minutes of tech steering call ...

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Fri Jun 17 07:13:45 PDT 2011

	Norbert, Rainer, Michael, David, Caolan, Kendy,
	Andras, Bjoern, Cedric, Thorsten, Petr, Andreas Mantke,

* completed AA's
        + Petr to bump priority of most serious issues in 3.4.1
        + looking into lighting up the update reminder service (Kendy)
		+ conditionally used only when build-special is set
		+ requires patching / enabling for 3.4.1 / reviews
        + provide current linux environment gio / glib / gtk+ etc.
          versions to Caolan (Fridrich)
		+ we include glib these days anyway for rsvg
		+ cairo issues, so stick with last pre-cairo gtk ?
			+ can we use RTLD_DEEPBIND to overcome it ?
AA:			+ remove old non-cairo cases (Caolan)
AA:		+ can now completely junk gnome-vfs backend (Caolan)
			+ incl. startup performance issue
AA:		+ bin dlsym'd fontconfig & non-fontconfig code
		  paths (Caolan)

* AA still pending:
        + Easy Hacks - completion / fixing (Bjoern)
        + get SmartArt into master as an experimental feature (Thorsten)

* Agenda
        + Action Items
        + Extensions repo progress (Andreas Mantke)
		+ worked with kind plone developer Elisabeth Leddy to
		  improve S/W centre for extensions, all in svn trunk
		+ working with Florian & Alex Werner to get setup on Kermit
		+ python problem solved
		+ due to be ready this evening
		+ potential issues around blob storage of extn's
		+ needs UI team input ...
		+ just update http://extensions.libreoffice.org/ re-direction
		+ use second plone sub-centre for templates ...
		+ need to transfer existing extn's from current wiki page.
		+ extended QA phase not neccesary
        + Releng bits (Petr)
                + 3.3.3 release RC1 / summary / 3.3.4 thoughts
			+ available on download page
			+ fixes a number of annoying inc. security bugs
			+ 3.3.4 in the plan for ~two months from now,
		 	  pending interest for merging fixes.
			+ should we drop review for 3.3.4 (Bjoern) ?
				- not many changes anyway, could review pre-release ?
				- lack of interest may avoid pre-release review too ...
				- leave single review in-place for 3.3.4
                + 3.4.1 status / roundup
			+ RC1 being up-loaded currently, for announce soon
			+ -lots- of important bug fixes, some data-loss
			  issues, many key 'most annoying' bugs.
			+ plenty left to work on
                + QA feedback (Rainer)
			+ eager to focus work on 3.4.x
				+ not much more man-power needed in 3.3.x
			+ un-touched bug report count still climbing
				+ 200 more in last six weeks.
				+ despite good work of triagers
				+ focus on most critical
			+ LibreOffice QA weekend in Essen this weekend ...
AA:			+ put Rainer in touch with Gerv (Michael)

        + Adabas DB - disable / removal for 4.0 (Francois)
		+ a proprietary solution that was historically part of StarOffice
		+ StarOffice version was crippled anyway - 100Mb size limit etc.
		+ never shipped with OpenOffice.org
		+ decision:
			+ kill it completely dead (Caolan, Michael, Norbert, Bjoern, Cedric)
		+ thanks Francois for great research / consensus building
	+ security co-ordination ... (Thorsten)
		+ issues fixed in 3.3.3, how to handle it ?
		+ mention it in the release notes in future.
AA:		+ add Thorsten to security list so he can co-ordinate (Michael)
        + GSOC update / deadlines reminder (Cedric)
		+ all students on-track, good integration
	+ ux-advise feedback / status
		+ looks good, lots of nice successful interaction there
	+ gnumake4 migration (Bjoern)
		+ rebased into 1 linear line of patches, based on m106
		+ please do not touch the following modules, they are already
		  gbuildized in gnumake4:
			 basebmp basegfx canvas cppcanvas dbaccess idl
			 linguistic oox regexp reportdesign sax starmath
			 ucbhelper unotools wizards writerfilter
			 xmlreader xmlscript
	+ no news from Lanedo
		+ Mitch was on vacation
	+ future of the bug tracking system
		+ Rainer will have more ideas after the QA weekend

* Longer term items:
        + continue Lanedo' list of things that suck (Mitch)
        + discussion concerning discussion concerning
          future of our bug tracking System (Rainer)

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