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Tue Jun 21 21:13:43 PDT 2011

word count patches have been applied to 3.3.  Since, 3.3 is counting with
and wthout spaces then Mattias writer patch was applied there (and I do
believe there is just one in writer == 
339eee93fd2a888b541eac4e7576d7091dfd1639).  I do not have a code config
pointed at 3.3 so I cannot look directly at the word count routines there.  

I am still at a loss as to why the redlining doesn't erase in 3.3 and does
in 3.4, given that the shallow copy + whiting out redlined text appears to
predate my patch and it appears to be present in 3.3 from looking at the
patches in 3.4.  Perhaps 3.4 contains other changes or my testing is off or
there is a later deep/full copy or ...  

Whatever else happens, 
1-- If my patch attached to the OP goes into 3.3 then it should
***definitely be followed by Cedric's fix*** attached to my first response.  
2-- Mattias' patch inserted above fixes the 'leading quote as word' problem.  

Hope this helps


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