[Libreoffice] What to do with Hebrew related bug reports against oo.org

Rainer Bielefeld LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de
Wed Jun 22 05:09:43 PDT 2011

Lior Kaplan schrieb:

>  I've mapped all the Hebrew related and
> RTL related bugs in OO.org.


my recommendation:

1. Check each bug from the list whether it still exists in LibO (may be 
you find some volunteers to help you?).

2. If yes: Check whether already newly reported in LibO Bugzilla

3. If no: Create new Bug:
3.1. Insert link-URL of OOo bug into " See Also: Add Bug URLs: "
3.2. Copy Paste Subject line text from OOo. In front of it insert
      "HE:" if Hebrew related
3.3. Select correct contents for pickers due to
      (I recommend UNCONFIRMED)
3.4. Write a short summary concerning the current state of the
      bug in LibO from your point of view. A hint to the best comment
      in the OOo issue report might be useful
      Please do not repeat anything we can read in OOo Issue Tracker
      It's not necessary to transfer attachments
3.5. Commit

You should leave a hint concerning the "HE" subject line key word on 
a.m. Wiki help page.

Start with 1 ... 3 bugs and wait for feaction, I can't tell who might 
work on Hebrew related bugs here.

Kind regards


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