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--- Comment #153 from NX <user4711 at nurfuerspam.de> 2011-06-23 00:03:07 PDT ---
I don't know if this is the correct place to add a mention of one or more
annoying bugs in the current 3.4.0 release, but i have to add something

In LibreOffice Calc 3.4.0 there is an issue concerning cell borders.

When i create a table in Calc and give personalized cell borders in the
formatting cell dialog, i get the correct cell borders. I want to use vertical
borders with double line (one thin and one thick next to each other). After
formatting everything is fine, i save the file on a network drive and close

My next question is: Where can i add feature requests?

Feel free to move my comment, my experience with this bugzilla is not so good.
But after reopening the file these cell borders disappered and i have to
reformat the cells again. With big tables this is a quite waste of time.  


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