[Libreoffice] crash in escherex.cxx in master

Julian Seward jseward at acm.org
Thu Jun 23 02:59:49 PDT 2011

On Wednesday, June 22, 2011, Michael Meeks wrote:

> 	But a single method:
> 	bool running_under_valgrind (void);
> or
> 	bool running_under_memcheck (void);
> 	so we can switch our allocation semantics auto-magically.
> 	Julian - we have lots of complex stuff; how do we get the simple
> boolean we want out :-)

Oh, I think I missed answering the simple question here.  Thusly:

  #include "valgrind.h"

  bool running_under_valgrind (void)
     return (RUNNING_ON_VALGRIND) ? true : false;

Is that what you want, or did you mean something different?

You might want to cache the result of RUNNING_ON_VALGRIND
so that the common (production) case overhead is reduced to
a load and conditional branch, rather than the strange sequence
of stores and rotates generated by the macro. 


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