[Libreoffice] [PATCH] Fix for fdo#30550 Character count without spaces

John LeMoyne Castle lemoyne.castle at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 00:38:01 PDT 2011

Hi Korrawit, 

My take is: 
 -- you (and others) cannot reproduce fdo#37584 (redlined text disappears)
in 3-3 or 3-3-3 because my patch referenced in your original post [OP] is
not in the 3-3 branches.  
 -- you and others cannot reproduce 'leading quote as word' in your 3-3
build because the patch you submitted with OP has fixed that problem in 3-3
since 2011-06-21.  Your OP patch is not yet in 3-3-3 official build so the
leading quote problem still exists there.  

A word count problem that may still exist in 3-3(-3) is that the count may
be off when a selection ends in the middle of a word.  Given that all of
3-3(-3) is supposed to be stable and the case where selection ends in
mid-word is an edge case (not the common use case of count doc or entire
I think that your elegant clipping=true fix already in 3-3 is the most that
should go into 3-3-3.  

I repeat, *IF* my patch referenced in the OP goes into the 3-3(-3) area then
Cedric's fix should follow immediately.  (That patch was intended as a fix
of the selection ends in mid-word issue and code cleanup.)

I think that the two patches given in your last message are already in
The Thomas Lange patch
is already in 3.3(-3) and this is the patch that removed the deep copy at
the SwScanner level so that the deep copy in Cedric's fix is now required at
the outer CountWords (sp?) level.  From following branch lines in QGit I
think this tl patch (dated 2010-12-08) got merged into 3-4 in late winter
~Feb 2011 and that's when redlining went south in 3-4.  Or so I think after
following the link you posted and searching 'word count' and switching
branches and scrolling past hundreds of commits in QGit and ... 

I hope this is clearer than my last post.  I am *NOT* an expert in
configuration or even in word count but I have been studying the question of
'what is where? and when did it get there?' with an eye for both qa and dev. 
I have tried to expose my thinking here in the hopes that it may help you
and that I will get corrected as needed, *not* because it is expert opinion. 

Again, I hope this helps,

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