[Libreoffice] Tarball fetching broken with --with-system-libs

Jan Holesovsky kendy at suse.cz
Fri Jun 24 12:44:50 PDT 2011

Hi Lubos,

Lubos Lunak píše v Pá 24. 06. 2011 v 16:40 +0200:

>  could somebody who understands tarball fetching review the attached patch? I 
> did make clean, pulled, configured with --with-systems-libs and during make I 
> get:
> dmake:  Error: -- 
> `./unxlngx6.pro/misc/4bb835ea2225c8f5f6c2b2e63d25993c-libvisio-0.0.1.unpack' 
> not found, and can't be made
>  This seems to be a result of b246ad5ff409a7a51091c0b3c1fe50e0eb468fc4 in 
> bootstrap and libvisio version update since my last build. The attached patch 
> fixes the problem for me, but since I have no idea why those checks were 
> there, I'm just checking.

The check for '&& test -z "$with_system_libs" -a "$with_system_jars" !=
"no"' has been there from the very introduction of DO_FETCH_TARBALLS,
and after b246ad5ff409a7a51091c0b3c1fe50e0eb468fc4 seems wrong to me; so
please go ahead, and push your change :-)

Thank you,

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