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Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Mon Jun 27 03:47:50 PDT 2011

Hi Cor,

On Sat, 2011-06-25 at 23:52 +0200, Cor Nouws wrote:
> And indeed, I see no reason why that would be a natural thing happening. 
> If there is a moment that we know: QA on this build is important, do 
> this ... that will help focussing :-)

	So :-) now is this moment. It is important to have QA guys running the
daily builds for their day-to-day work / use-cases :-) I think this is
the basic problem, a lack of communication around what is good to be
testing, and a lack of willingness to test 'master' ( because it is too
buggy ;-) combined with a hope that master gets less buggy as/when we
release it.

	Anyhow - there are various psychological ways we can approach this, by
having a different timetable for the QA team, that has a label marked
"feature freeze" (ONO) - whatever it is that triggers you guys starting
to do the QA, at a given date, and then the coder's feature freeze a bit
later ;-) We can put the prefixes 'soft' and 'hard' on this to make it a
bit clearer even if we want.

	Anyhow - I assume you didn't submit the talk, since Drew was pointing
out the lack of papers, so I've just done that ;-)

Title: Improving the Development / QA cycle

Short Summary:
A panel discussing how to better integrate the QA / Development cycle,
timelines, freezes and all

Many proposals to improve quality of the product have been made, some of
these revolve around scheduling and timing. Come hear a discussion about
our current release process, how it works what 'time based' really
means, and the impact that needs to have on our process. And hear about
what can be done to improve it from various perspectives.

I'd like to have: Cor Nouws, Rainer, Caolan, myself, Norbert, Petr
Mladek, and a few more QA'ish types of our selection :-)



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