[Libreoffice] Extension manager does not start when dragging extensions from Finder onto main app window - build 350m1 from master nightly 27/06/2011 for Mac OSX

Alexander Thurgood alex.thurgood at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 01:09:52 PDT 2011

Le 27/06/11 18:27, Alexander Thurgood a écrit :

OK, nightly build from 28/06 :

so now it seems I have nailed this down a bit more :

1) Start LibreOffice
2) Drag an extension from a Finder folder to the main application window.
3) The Extensions Manager window is displayed behind the other windows
on the desktop, it does not have the focus.
4) Install the extension, close the Extension Manager window.
5) Drag another extension from a Finder folder onto the the LibreOffice
main app window - no Extension Manager is displayed, it is completely
6) Close LibreOffice completely, then restart.
7) Drag an extension from a Finder folder onto the main application window.
8) The behaviour in point (3) is shown.

So it looks like we have a rogue Extensions Manager window that can only
be instantiated once, and then refuses to be called anymore on
subsequent attempts.


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