[Libreoffice] Extension manager does not start when dragging extensions from Finder onto main app window - build 350m1 from master nightly 27/06/2011 for Mac OSX

Alexander Thurgood alex.thurgood at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 01:24:08 PDT 2011

Le 28/06/11 10:05, Caolán McNamara a écrit :

> Fix it then :-)

LOL ;-) If only I had 5 brains, 6 pairs of hands and a time machine or a
parallel universe creator, I might just be able to :-)))

The only reason I'm posting on the dev list is because there is no tag
on fdo.

The only reason I'm testing the nightly builds is because I was under
the impression that it was needed so that the devs get feedback as
quickly as possible.

Between last night and this morning, it has taken me about an hour and a
half to try and find out how to get reproducible behaviour, and report
it. Software testing is not my full-time activity, I have a completely
unrelated business to run which happens to enable to me to eat, drink
and occasionally be merry  ;-), but in return, I have to put the work in
as does anyone else with a job :-)

And from my limited experience with it, valgrind sucks on Mac OSX, it
doesn't like child windows requiring user interaction :-/


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