[Libreoffice] Problem with socket timeout and regular freezing when using UNO and NOA

Stuart Ledwich (Hotmail) stuart_ledwich at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 28 05:55:33 PDT 2011

I am currently using openoffice 3.3 on windows (tested on Windows XP sp3
and Windows7) and have a problem (linux is working well).  I use NOA
(Nice Office Access) as a layer to uno - which appears to be working ok.

I connect to open office and all seems well, do some simple field
manipulation and then print and close the document.

I am finding that every so often (about 1 in 5) I get either an error: 
ag.ion.bion.officelayer.text.TextException: java_remote_bridge com.sun.star.lib.uno.bridges.java_remote.java_remote_bridge at dca5b7 is disposed
at ag.ion.bion.officelayer.internal.text.TextFieldService.getUserTextFields(TextFieldService.java:287)
at com.propco.mailmerge.openoffice.OpenOfficeManager$OOViewer.getMergeFields(OpenOfficeManager.java:562)

Or I get a freeze and the stack trace looks like this: 
Object.wait(long) line: not available [native method] 
JobQueue.removeJob(int) line: 230 
JobQueue.enter(int, Object) line: 340 
JobQueue.enter(Object) line: 313 
JavaThreadPool.enter(Object, ThreadId) line: 101 
java_remote_bridge.sendRequest(String, Type, String, Object[]) line: 652 
ProxyFactory$Handler.request(String, Object[]) line: 154 
ProxyFactory$Handler.invoke(Object, Method, Object[]) line: 136 
$Proxy28.getTextFields() line: not available 
TextFieldService.getUserTextFields() line: 276 
OpenOfficeManager$OOViewer.getMergeFields(ITextDocument) line: 562

Either problem seems to happen on either the IDocument.getTextFields  or

What i have tried to fix the problem:

1. Perform a wireshark trace of the communications between my java app
and openoffice - but found the trace was too complex to follow.

2. tried to update openoffice jars with the ones provided with the
libreoffice and this has had no effect.

3. tried with smaller and larger documents and both appear to have the
same issue.

Any help would be very much appreciated. 

Best Regards,
Stuart Ledwich

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