[Libreoffice] Daily Build Tests - Help request

Norbert Thiebaud nthiebaud at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 10:22:48 PDT 2011

On Tue, Jun 28, 2011 at 11:35 AM, Rainer Bielefeld
<LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm just trying to make the daily builds usable for more users and to
> integrate tests into regular QA activity. Caolán already started to add an
> unique build identifier to the builds, now I request some additional help:
> I have absolutely no information concerning these builds:
> - Where are they available
>  (currently I know <http://dev-builds.libreoffice.org/daily/>

That is the place.

> - Who is the provider?

Typically tinderbox. so anyone running a tinderbox that has a ssh
access to the box hosting dev-builds.libreoffice.org can upload

> - how often will they be uploaded?

If the tinderbox script is setup as such, it will attempt the upload
the first successful build of the day (that is after 00:00 UTC)

So how often is variable, ideally once a day... but that may not be
the case for 3 main reasons:
the tinderbox is down, the built tree is broken and no build succeeded
that day, or there was no activity in that tree during that day.
But the directory 'current' should link to the latest available
so for instance
point to the latest available daily-build out of master from the
tinderbox 'MacOSX_10.6.7_intel_no_moz '

There is no naming convention at this point for tinderbox, but most
are named in a way that should allow to guess what it is about. in the
example above the build was on a Mac, OSX 10.6.7 with the
--without-mozilla options
if you want to know exactly what options are used you can refer to
and look at a build log for that tinderbox.

for instance the build log start with
2011-06-28 12:52:27
3             bootstrap:6c621b61ba1b4f6e1f5491cb47f67196510f241d
4             artwork:a24c961728cf63741c649e30e0b581d78a458fbb
5             base:9eff2f355be364babe6b838164edb178df1799a6
6             calc:3c785454ced516eab69f2fcb950391369a65d8ae
7             components:b6180157870d2b2dbde9c3624e466e582c17f48f
8             extensions:23e14654809917825fbdaf0a5b1547980f544a84
9             extras:fd28b6ae322f8dd67f4f079111b8414668302188
10            filters:bce81f3422b4bb8568b365bcebda4800efc23248
11            help:5a6bf68cdeac23f873fa58246c42d426d3b552ff
12            impress:fc8af1e1c7d5d352c89239bc5e63288445274f62
13            libs-core:23d3606ad021079082dbbd7670ea70b5fa73dee6
14            libs-extern:160bb490e3b071d4a5364db59bf8fae00434e463
15            libs-extern-sys:b990cf91c6a8f230d0d5a973fb91f12709967383
16            libs-gui:9c6a56af35bcd9508c264aca832ce38f6b834581
17            postprocess:dd95d703dfa10ee2ae131cba471b67b5aadd65b4
18            sdk:030d3404280d3df56a7f6fc2cf9f729eb42ba365
19            testing:4dd008c96b382fa221594626dd5ac2620cd4a763
20            ure:82b64865d4ff78ea23e6cbfdbc3130baa6d67f47
21            writer:2e557ce9d340244a6af92bcff683e56888a7da6d
22            running ./configure with ´--with-vendor=The Document
Foundation´ ´--enable-epm´ ´--enable-binfilter´
´--with-java-target-version=1.5´ ´--enable-ext-presenter-minimizer´
´--enable-ext-presenter-console´ ´--enable-ext-pdfimport´
´--enable-ext-wiki-publisher´ ´--enable-ext-report-builder´
´--enable-ext-scripting-beanshell´ ´--enable-ext-scripting-javascript´
´--enable-ext-scripting-python´ ´--enable-ext-nlpsolver´
´--with-extension-integration´ ´--with-max-jobs=8´ ´--with-num-cpus=6´
´--disable-mozilla´ ´--enable-werror´ ´--enable-epm´
23            ********************************************************************

Which gives you exactly what was built (the git-sha of each repo)
and the exact list of configuration options used to build.

Note: that is build-log produced by tinderbuild2, the tinderbuild
script produce a slightly different output but the same information
are still available

> - Are there any manuals available?

I'm not sure I understand the question. manual about what ?

> - Is parallel installation possible / planned?

That is platform dependent. For Mac all you need is to mount the .dmg
and run it from that mounted volume... so yes.
For other platform I don't know


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