[Libreoffice] [PATCH] How to build mysql-connector extension on Mac OSX ?

Alexander Thurgood alex.thurgood at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 08:20:51 PDT 2011

Le 29/06/11 16:21, Thorsten Behrens a écrit :

> absolutely, would be a shame not to share - also, did you need any
> patches / special steps to produce it? Having those written down
> somewhere on the wiki would be great!

No patches, but I used the following autogen.sh switches :


Obviously, I had to manually download the libmysql-connector-c package
files and untar/unzip them, before pointing to them.

I notice now that the source code from mysql is GPL2. I don't think it
is compatible with our current LGPL3+/MPL licensing scheme, is it ? I
mean, I wouldn't want to put the connector out there if it isn't. From
what I have seen on the Apache OOo list, the connector code has not yet
been moved over, and whether it can be integrated into the Apache code
repo is as yet undetermined :


I also found this on :


GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 3

    This is the latest version of the LGPL: a free software license, but
not a strong copyleft license, because it permits linking with non-free
modules. It is compatible with GPLv3. We recommend it for special
circumstances only.

    Please note that LGPLv3 is not compatible with GPLv2 by itself.
However, most software released under GPLv2 allows you to use the terms
of later versions of the GPL as well. When this is the case, you can use
the code under GPLv3 to make the desired combination. To learn more
about compatibility between GNU licenses, please see our FAQ.

Mozilla Public License (MPL)

    This is a free software license which is not a strong copyleft;
unlike the X11 license, it has some complex restrictions that make it
incompatible with the GNU GPL. That is, a module covered by the GPL and
a module covered by the MPL cannot legally be linked together. We urge
you not to use the MPL for this reason.

    However, MPL 1.1 has a provision (section 13) that allows a program
(or parts of it) to offer a choice of another license as well. If part
of a program allows the GNU GPL as an alternate choice, or any other
GPL-compatible license as an alternate choice, that part of the program
has a GPL-compatible license.

Hmm, having doubts now.


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