[Libreoffice] Possibilities of Webdav

Christian Andersson ca at ofs.no
Thu Jun 30 01:57:09 PDT 2011

Hi there I hope someone could help me answering a question regarding the 
webdav implementation of Libreoffice.

Now I have tried searching in libreoffice websites for some information, 
with little or no luck at all..  I have also read thsi docuement, but it 
does not give me any clarity either 

(some background)

I have plugin that is working with a Document management system which 
provides a webdav interface which I use to load and save documents to.

now this documents management system has an integration with another 
editor in that when the document is saved to the server (via webdav) it 
returns data to the document editor as header properties of the PUT 
request. (like document number, it is later used for different things, 
but not stored in the document itself)

now question, can I with a plugin in openoffice get a hold of these 
headers after the document has been saved?  I fthat is possible somehow, 
then I might be able to replace the other editor with openoffice.org

/Christian Andersson

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