[Libreoffice] Problem with socket timeout and regular freezing when using UNO and NOA

Stuart Ledwich stuart_ledwich at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 30 02:42:04 PDT 2011

One of the problems I am facing is there is a hang from my app
communcatiing with Libre. Again it always seems to be at the stage of
getting the list of text fields:


This results in the system hanging and upon inspection of the stack
trace it appears to be waiting for a response from Libre. This test was
performed with a brand new document to try to discount any problems with
a corrupted document. After checking with my debugger attached to libre
office it does not show any exception or crash.

Thread [main] (Suspended)       
        Object.wait(long) line: not available [native method]   
        JobQueue.removeJob(int) line: 221       
        JobQueue.enter(int, Object) line: 331   
        JobQueue.enter(Object) line: 304        
        JavaThreadPool.enter(Object, ThreadId) line: 91 
        java_remote_bridge.sendRequest(String, Type, String, Object[]) line: 639        
        ProxyFactory$Handler.request(String, Object[]) line: 151        
        ProxyFactory$Handler.invoke(Object, Method, Object[]) line: 133 
        $Proxy28.getTextFields() line: not available    
        TextFieldService.getUserTextFields() line: 279  
        OpenOfficeManager$OOViewer.getMergeFields(ITextDocument) line: 580      
        OpenOfficeManager$OOViewer.getMergeFields() line: 541   
        FieldLookupMailMerge.initQuery() line: 395      
        FieldLookupMailMerge.openFieldLookup(Composite) line: 115       
        TreeMailMergeNavigator.openNewDocument(Shell) line: 715 
        TreeMailMergeNavigator.menuNewDocument(Shell) line: 783 
        TreeMailMergeNavigator.startMailMergeOperation(Shell, TreeMailMergeNavigator$Operations, TreeItem) line: 386    
        PropcoUserView.MailMergeMenu(TreeMailMergeNavigator$Operations) line: 1997      
        PropcoUserView$1MailMergeMenuNavigator.widgetSelected(SelectionEvent) line: 1581        
        TypedListener.handleEvent(Event) line: not available    
        EventTable.sendEvent(Event) line: not available 
        Button(Widget).sendEvent(Event) line: not available     
        Display.runDeferredEvents() line: not available 
        Display.readAndDispatch() line: not available   
        PropcoUserView.main(String[]) line: 2408        

Any help much appreciated.

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