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Fernand Vanrie sos at pmgroup.be
Tue Mar 1 02:36:15 PST 2011


Thanks for the reply, please find my comments in the text
> ,
>> No we are not placing video in odt, files, but our editors (while there
>> are working in writer), needs to see some video content as a "source"
>> for there work.
> Wow, that seems to be a very special case - so from my side, if the menu
I think it is not so special to play some video content while writing 
some comments, tranlations etc...on it
> item can be added manually (afterwards), then it should be fine for most
Why moving away some  functionality, (who will finaly been forgotten) on 
a sub-menu (they are invented for this purpose, no ? )
> of the users. Of course, this might add some burden on your and your
> editors, but most of the other users do have some benefit ...
Sorry, i do not see any benefit in hiding, removing some functionality ?
> maybe this
> is some kind of compensation? ;-)
>> But we would like to add some
>> video content to our Writerfiles and then transfer them to Epup or
>> interactive PDF's
> As far as I understand, that's still possible.
Yes we can add some sound video content to our writer Documents, but 
this is useless, because the Sound and Video are consumed on the net 
(HTML5) and on the Ipads (Epub and/or PDF). We must  sea Writer as a " 
one stop tool" to produce multi-media content . In the begining we made 
our HTML from in Writer, later  we could make some interactive PDF's , 
now we have to make Epub, and HTML5 to keep up with the latest 
multi-media developements.

> By the way, if I can help here ... please let me know.
Thanks,  you can help to convince our developers to make it posible to 
Export writer documents to PDF, Epub and HTML5 with Sound and Video 
> The only downside
> is, that I'm still not that responsive as I would like to be :-)
> In such cases like "Media Player use" (especially in the not too far
> future), it would be nice to set up the usage data collection for
> LibreOffice. Then we might track the use for "our" product, since the
> OOo data gets old quickly ...
> Cheers,
> Christoph
>>> On 02/25/2011 12:07 PM, Fernand Vanrie wrote:
>>>> Please consider: We are living and working in a Multi Media world:
>>>> Not only who is working with Impress needs a media player, all content
>>>> can have  mixed content and LO must be the "one stop" place to handle
>>>> all  multi media stuff.
>>> I partially reverted the changes for writer. The background calls are
>>> there again, so anybody who needs Media Player could add this by
>>> customizing the menu. And I've enabled Media Player for web by default
>>> as this make really sense.
>>> Fernand, only for my personal interest: are you using videos in odt
>>> files? Maybe I'm not knowing what's possible with this ;)
>>> Thomas
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