[Libreoffice] calling web services

Dan Corneanu cdan at savatech.ro
Tue Mar 1 07:10:59 PST 2011

sorry for responding so late, but I was busy with other stuff.

On 09.01.2011 22:59, Peter Jentsch wrote:
> Personally, I'd be interested in what you want to achieve functionally
> with the CMIS content provider, i.e. what CMIS features you want to
> support (and how). I guess most content repositories that support CMIS
> now might also still export some WebDAV service, which should be
> supported by LibO out of the box.

WebDav provides CRUD operations and some limited search capabilities and
was mainly intended to facilitate collaboration between users in editing
and managing documents. However, I think CMIS opens a whole new range of
possibilities for working with documents. For example I might think of
having some sort of "smart documents" that can participate in a
work-flow or maybe let the user perform a full text search on a
federated content repository or use the type that CMIS associates with
objects/document for executing some more complex tasks that go beyond
"edit / create new documents". I can imagine that some custom
LibreOffice extensions for specific applications, would benefit from a
CMIS content provider.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

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