[Libreoffice] Cannot save .ods and .odt files

Kevin Hunter hunteke at earlham.edu
Mon Mar 7 04:02:30 PST 2011

At 3:11am -0500 Mon, 07 Mar 2011, Francois Tigeot wrote:
> Something has been bothering me for a while: ever since I succeeded
> in building a LibreOffice binary for DragonFly BSD, I haven't been
> able to save OpenDocument format files.
> The dialog box just closes itself and reopens half a second later.
> No  file is written to disk.
> Saving .fods and .fodt files works fine.
> How can I know what exactly is going wrong ?

Are you asking about inserting debugging statements?  If so, then you 
may appreciate the OSL_TRACE macro, which has a signature exactly like 
printf.  (And if not, please allow me to hijack this thread to explain 
what I recently figured out for anyone else who may find this useful.)

OSL_TRACE( "%d: %s = %s\n", __LINE__, "myvar", myvar );

To enable that in a module output (for example sc), build with the debug 

$ . LinuxX86-64Env.Set.sh
$ cd sc
$ build  debug=true  dbglevel=2

I haven't yet messed with other dbglevels, but you could start from 1 
and see if any other levels better fit your needs.  And clearly update 
the LinuxX... bit to whatever's pertinent for you.

Then, the code-build cycle could be as simple as adding an OSL_TRACE and 
executing that build command again.

*Note that for debugging like this, after you've run "make dev-install" 
in the root directory, you don't need to execute it again after building 
a follow-up.  So, a build, code, and debug run on my machine might look 

$ make clean
$ make  # wait for 2+ hours on my machine
$ make dev-install
$ LODEV_PROG="$(pwd)/install/program/soffice"

$ . LinuxX86-64Env.Set.sh
$ cd sc
$ $LODEV_PROG   # run the program
   # make a code change
$ build debug=true dbglevel=2
$ $LODEV_PROG   # run the program
   # make a code change
$ build debug=true dbglevel=2
$ $LODEV_PROG   # run the program
  # etc ...

Hope this helps,


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