[Libreoffice] images in images.zip and other issues, please have a look

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Mon Mar 7 05:57:22 PST 2011

Hi there,

	No doubt some useful bug reports / comments underly this, but:

On Mon, 2011-03-07 at 02:51 -0400, Clio wrote:
> *1.* LibO-3.3.all_x86: help_en(ru, etc). File 'sdatabase.jar' is not 
> used - included in the archive 'shared.jar'.

	Is this a report of some inefficiency ? are we packing JAR files into
the help packs ? if so - that is interesting :-) Fridrich ?

> LibO-3.3.1_win_x86:
> *2.* Toolbar_Standart: F7 'Spelling and Grammar = 
> images.zip\res\commandimagelist\l{s}c_spellingandgrammardialog.png' 
> (Writer and Web) named as 'Spelling=...l{s}c_spelldialog.png' (Calc and 
> Other). GUI is not used Files 
> images.zip\res\commandimagelist\lc_spelling.png;sc_spelling.png

	Can you expand on 'GUI is not used files' ? - these files don't seem to
be used in the GUI ? its hard to help without understanding this.

> *3.* Toolbar_Formatting: Ctrl(Align)+L,E,R,J 
> ('images.zip\res\commandimagelist\...') Libre.Writer and Libre.Web used 
> other pictures in Libre.Calc and Libre.Other_Programs.

	Again - much more verbose detail is appreciated. If you can answer:
"What should the program do ?" and also "What does it actually do ?" in
more detail we can get somewhere I guess.

> *4.* Program used only 'images.zip\res\odb{s,t,f,g,p}_32.png'. GUI is 
> not used other 'OD***.PNG'

	Again, unclear.

> *5.* The High contrasting images may not be used in the following 
> themes: Galaxy, Tango, Classic, Oxygen, Industrial and Crystal.
> (source: http://forumooo.ru/index.php/topic,1052.msg10728.html#msg10728)

	How are people trying to use them ? the high contrast images are
packaged as a separate theme (at least they should be), providing a
single way to select a complete set of high-contrast artwork. Duplicate
that across every theme is just silly; we de-duplicated that in master
quite vigorously.



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