[Libreoffice] Approaches to enable international number format import/export in Calc

Kohei Yoshida kyoshida at novell.com
Mon Mar 7 21:47:18 PST 2011

On Tue, 2011-03-08 at 00:04 -0500, Kohei Yoshida wrote:
> > So what do you think?
> Given the above, to me the choice is clear. 

The only issue is that, we may already have lost an window of
opportunity to do it the right way for 3.4.  So, we may have to take
your patch for 3.4, and work on my proposed solution post-3.4.  I can't
say for sure which direction we are going for 3.4 at the moment.


Kohei Yoshida, LibreOffice hacker, Calc
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