[Libreoffice] Using LibreOffice Editor as a widget in a third-party application

Kevin Hunter hunteke at earlham.edu
Tue Mar 8 09:50:40 PST 2011

At 11:16am -0500 Tue, 08 Mar 2011, Sankar P wrote:
> Is it possible to use LibreOffice editor as a widget for my
> application ? I want a simple HTML editor which does basic
> formatting, alignment, borders and text manipulation. Think of
> something like a HTML mail composer. Is it possible to do ? Are there
> any applications that do this already ?

A "componentization" like that might be nice "some-day", but I don't 
believe LO currently has this ability.  (I'm not an expert on LO, so 
wait until I don't get corrected before running with this information.)

Depending on which GUI toolset you're using, you may have such a beast 
for simple formatting already at your disposal.  For instance, I'm aware 
that QT does, and I believe GTK does as well, although it may be 
available via third party code.

Good luck,


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