[Libreoffice] minutes of tech steering call ... (Tuesday)

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Fri Mar 11 03:19:23 PST 2011

	+ Norbert, Andras, Thorsten, Caolan,
	  Kendy, Bjoern, Petr, Rene

* Previous Action items:
        + "writer useless in Japan" bug(s)
		+ fixed as well as possible for now
		+ magic fallback / Windows font needs some
		+ lots of obscure character range oddness
		  import is ok, and export should look the
		  same. Needs ODF ext'n for overriding char
		+ regressions nailed in 3.3.2
	+ Norbert has shared his up-load script
        + next step binary uploads, coming soon (Kendy)
		+ 9 tinderboxes
			+ 4x Windows, 2x Mac, rest Linux
			+ +3 new windows tinderboxes in last week.
		+ Fridrich working up-load piece
        + chase new Evolution addressbook bug (Michael)
AA:		+ no action yet; get off backside (Michael)

* 3.3.1 retrospective
	+ wrong
		+ a few icons missed here / there, nothing
		+ a couple of days of slippage inherited
		  from a late RC1
        + right
		+ no very obvious regressions added

* 3.3.2 status
	+ again lots of patches for review just before freeze
AA:		+ send a reminder a week beforehand (Petr)
	+ download page javascript generated from php
AA:	  needs tweaking - need to play with test site (Thorsten)
		+ volunteers to improve this appreciated.
	+ two nominated blockers:
		+ random, non-producible Mac issue,
		  Java + ReportBuilder related

* aligning Debian / Ubuntu spec. (Bjoern / Rene)
	+ shared git repo for packaging
	+ things are getting better, much less divergence

* python foo for debugging from dmalcolm (Caolan)
	+ integration in gdb prototype here:
	+ potential to make gdb finally usable ...

* merge status / update (Michael / Kendy)
	+ char-set related mis-importing of mercurial made
	  things much worse than they could be
		+ now fixed
	+ consider resetting the merge, move to m101
		+ do a one-pass re-merge
	+ kendy to push to repository tonight and
	  re-verifying import quality
AA:	+ post a dependency graph of split modules (Petr)

+ Web office review (Michael)
	+ better integration with open-source CMS / DMS is good
	+ HTML5 / VCL target star-portal like backend is good
		+ scalability will be exciting
			+ existing web solutions are featureless
			  so, scalability a good problem to have.
		+ UI issues are fun
		+ should be a great party trick.
	+ GSOC slots / resource requests etc.

* Cebit
AA:	+ fantastic conference - blog to follow (Thorsten)

* starting to consider formalizing the ESC
	+ ~11 people suggested ?
	+ Rene, Caolan / David, Bjorn, Norbert,
	  Thorsten, Myself, Andras ... +3 ...
	+ Great pool of others guys to consider at minimum
		Rainer (QA), Design guy (?)
		Takashi Abe, Sebastian,	Thomas Arnhold, Christina ...
	+ v. flexible composition preferred with non-members
	  routinely invited for calls etc.

* for next time:
	+ Bjoern's: after action acclimatisation report / thoughts

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