[Libreoffice] Free JRE for Windows?

Tor Lillqvist tlillqvist at novell.com
Sun Mar 13 00:17:02 PST 2011

> the data base is essential for small biz and medical research.

When you say "the data base", I assume you mean OOo/LO Base, as that is what the message you were replying to talked about, not databases in general? (Databases in general obviously are even more essential for "large biz", and any kind of modern research that handles large amounts of data, sheesh.)

You mean, there is something inherent in "small biz" and medical research that forces such companies/groups/communities to use OOo Base or LibreOffice Base, and no other database product, Open Source or not, can fulfill their need?

Sorry, but that is obviously not true.

What I guess you mean is, people just don't want any change. Well, that is not really news.

Base is essential for those who have already chosen to use it, based on (in my *personal* opinion) misguided expectations, or perhaps even exaggerated marketing claims, and who don't want to spent any resources on converting to some real database. (And you presumably then are familiar with a couple of such users that happen to be in the "small biz" and medical research sectors.)


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