[Libreoffice] fixing kashida insertion

Martin Hosken martin_hosken at sil.org
Tue Mar 15 08:32:59 PDT 2011

Dear Arabic experts,

The current kashida insertion implementation in libo is, to put it mildly, a disaster. As I see it there are a few options open to us:

1. Get it right. This is really hard and beyond my capabilities in the time I have available for this. But if someone wants to work out the preferred location for each word and then insert there, then go for it.

2. Implement dumb kashida placement that says: you can insert a kashida at any joining of two characters. This should be doable (famous last words) based on Unicode properties.

3. Don't do kashida insertion at all. This is probably better than the bad insertion we currently have.

I'm willing to have a go at 2 or 3. An alternative would be to add a switch in say Options/Language Settings/Writing Aids/Options or Options/Language Settings/Complex Text Layout to enable/disable kashida insertion. Such UI stuff is beyond me at the moment.

I'm also not an arabic expert or really have any feelings on the matter.

What would the arabic dev community suggest?


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