[Libreoffice] Review requests for mailmerge to email fixes

Caolán McNamara caolanm at redhat.com
Fri Mar 18 07:26:19 PDT 2011

There's a cluster of messy mail merge related bugs.


and I'd like backport three concrete and fairly trivial fixes which
address the reproducible parts to 3-3-2

Firstly, the hang.
nNodeCnt is a ULONG, and is therefore unsigned, the loop counts down to
0, if nNodeCnt is less than the value which gets subtracted from it, it
natually wraps around and leaps off into hyperspace, hanging or
crashing. Safest fix IMO is to simply set it to 1 in this case so that
at the end of the loop the -- makes it hit 0 and loop ends.

Secondly, sending an email with an attached .odt. We're looking up the
mimetype of the odt by finding what filter handles .odt, sadly we now
have *two* filters that handle suffixes of .odt, i.e. the flat xml
filter as well, and that has no mime-type set in the filter config ->
epic fail. Simplest fix is to pull the known export filter directly
rather than hope for the best off ".odt"

Thirdly, send an email with an attached .pdf won't work unless mailmerge
was used with html or txt beforehand, which is apparently a similar
problem to two in that looking up the export filter for .pdf by what can
export a ".pdf" isn't getting the expected filter (possibly getting a
calc or draw .pdf exporter or something, didn't bother looking deeper)


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