[Libreoffice] ANN: Merge from OOo's dev300 code line into master

Thorsten Behrens thb at documentfoundation.org
Fri Mar 18 08:44:43 PDT 2011

Merging from OpenOffice.org's DEV300 code line

Similar to the procedure before the LibreOffice 3.3 release, fixes and
improvements from the OpenOffice.org project are generally welcome -
if they are useful and in line with our project's direction, we tend to
merge them after the usual review.

OpenOffice.org's DEV300 code line is their developer branch, and about
to be branched off for their 3.4 release. Among fixes & smaller
features, it had the following three larger changes, that affect the
codebase quite significantly, but are very much in line with how we
want the libreoffice codebase to evolve:

 * the make system rework (phasing out legacy dmake & build.pl, moving
   to plain GNU make instead)
   + explanatory blogpost:
   + documentation, resources, background:
 * getting rid of legacy, long-deprecated typedefs (the so-called
   "tool types") - that's basically a subset of our
   EasyHack, and nicely complements it
 * passive UNO component registration - before, we had tons of shared
   libraries that needed "pre-registration" during packaging time, and
   generally the whole uno framework did not really work
   out-of-the-box, but needed somewhat of a fake install (cf. the
   hacks to setup a minimal uno environment in our various
   <module/qa/unit test dirs)
   + more background:

Work on merging the m101 milestone from the DEV300 codebase has been
going on in the background, led by Norbert, and also Michael, Kendy
Björn, Kohei, Tor and Noel doing tons of work - you might have seen 
commits into the integration/dev300_m101 branch over the past week. 
This work has just been merged into master.

Currently, there's a number of areas where review & special testing
focus would be greatly appreciated (e.g. exercise the code, do a diff
against a pre-merge master):

 * We need to do a complete diff from:
   + audit for lost component registration and missing
     .component files & lifting.
   + audit for missing .src compilation too (painful to
     catch later)
 * filter/writerfilter - a larger amount of conflicting changes, merge
   needs validation
 * HC removal - putting all high contrast icons into a separate theme
 * SfxPoolItem changed signature of its Query/PutValue virtual methods
   - this needs manual review, since derived classes, if not properly
   changed, will only overload, and not override, those methods.
 * gstreamer: OOo re-implemented our version (in an almost-identical
   way), we kept our version, but this needs testing
 * vba: OOo re-implemented and/or adapted changes we did, and the
   merge there had generally many conflicts, this needs *serious*
 * new about box in cui: in cui, there is a new about box, that
   involved a ABOUT_STR_*. that was defined in svtools.hrc this was in
   fact moved from sfx2... and added ABOUT_STR_DEVELOPER_ARY. Was kept
   in sfx2 and the problematic ABOUT_STR_DEVELOPER_ARY is commented
   out in cui about box.
   There is also a few new files in svx/source/intro, which also
   implement an about box. The (AllLangResTarget_about) from the
   svx/Module_svx.mk target definition was removed.  Bottom line:
   there is review and decision to be made regarding these about-box
 * sfx2/inc/sfx2/passwd.hxx: the password dialog got hacked about -
   it badly needs testing
 * on-line help hooks: almost certainly busted, need testing

ToDo items:
 * the splash screen stays on behind the application window the entire
 * certain wizards (Euro converter and document converter) launch
   itself again after pressing Cancel to dismiss them.

Many, many thanks to all who made this land, you rock! :)

-- Thorsten
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