[Libreoffice] Using Inflater/Deflater classes from component/package

Peter Jentsch pjotr at guineapics.de
Mon Mar 21 15:57:53 PDT 2011

Hi there, 

after hibernating for a while I've started to finish where I left off in 
removing the Java dependency from xsltfilter (was EasyHack De-Java-Ise 
flat xml export). I've ported the Java code from XSLTFilterOLEExtracter 
(sic) to C++ and found there's a generic C++ interface to zlib hidden in 
component/package (components/package/source/zipapi). It features 
Inflater/Deflater classes that work pretty much like the ones in the Java 
runtime. I figured how to compile against that by delivering the header 
files to solver, but fail to link against the libpackage2.so library that 
seems to contain the classes. The Zip implementation also seems to be 
exposed as a UNO service, but that assumes I'm working on complete zip 
files, while the OLE embedding stuff xslt filter uses assumes it only 
works on single deflated entries. 

Should I try to rewrite the stuff to work on top of that service? Is there 
a way to make Inflater/Deflater directly accessible to other code? I'm 
stuck here and need some advice. 

Thanks, and cheers, 


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